Statement Nails

Seeing Green
Forty-plus years later, Peter Philips, Chanel's creative director of makeup, took Quant's concept and ran with it, whipping up the famed jade lacquer from the brand's Fall 2009 show. "Karl Lagerfeld wanted a green tint which would resonate with the jade-colored notes of the collection," Philip says. A palette of ten different shades of green was shown to the designer, who picked the one that most resembled a tweed suit from the collection.

Design Majors
Nail design has risen above its humble, mall-salon beginnings to become a favorite new pastime of the young Hollywood and hip-hop sets.

The Future Perfect
Minx is the next big thing in nails. The fledgling company offers metallics, personalized graphics, and photo-quality designs in flexible nontoxic film form. Applied with heat and easily removed, Minx nails have become popular with editorial manicurists and clients like Lady Gaga, who want frequently changing statement nails without the hassle of removing and reapplying.


Olivia Palermo

We either hate to love her, or just love to hate her on MTV's reality show The City, but we have to admit this new york 'social' has killer sense of style. In my opinion, i absolutely love Olivia's choice is fashion, as it shows that both teens and adults could relate to her style. Also, her hair is always amazing! I love the way she would bun up her hair in a neat way but still very fashionable, and when she curl the ends of her hair is truly awesome. Let me know what you guys think!


Milan highlights - Sheer

Miu Miu
Marc Jacobs

The economy is still really bad, and it is sort of shown on this season's look. Transparency is in, and as much as we could laugh about it, it also sends a certain message about the world, about the economic crisis all of us are dealing with now. Here are some quotes from the people who attended Milan fashion week for spring 2010.

"times that are uncertain"
Mario Testino

"the concept of privacy is so important in the world right now"

"Underwear is the new outerwear"
Hamish Bowles

"its all about the new transparency [and] because of the economy is still in the dark, we're invested in transparency again"
Nicole Phelps

"there's nothing to hide"

"you have to be in good shape for these times"
Terron Schaefer

"Be private about our frustrations"
Lady Amandad Harlech

picture source:www.style.com



Halloween is coming! Here are a couple of ideas that popped into my head while thinking of what to wear this year!

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is an icon, and have a very cool and unique sense of style. Her extraordinary taste in fashion has awed everyone, good or bad. While everybody are scared of pulling off an outfit like hers and being seen in public, Halloween is the perfect day where you can be anyone and everybody would see you as a confident girl. To get Lady Gaga's look, you'll need a long blond wig, down or tied into a bow, a leotard, killer heels and nude lipstick.

Jane - Volturi

I think it would be really fun to dress up as this gothic vampire because she is a newcomer and it should be fun dressing up with the all black and super evil but fashionable outfit. To dress up like Jane, you'll need a black cape, a lace dress, mary-janes, blood red lipstick and white face powder.

Marie Antoinette

Dressing up as one of the most infamous but fashionable character from the past, Marie Antoinette always make a statement with her super big dress and ultra huge blond hair. Though through history many people loathed her, we certainly do not hate her style. To get this look, you'll need a huge dress from a vintage store, pearl necklaces, lace, a cute feathery hat and a big blond wig.
What are you gonna be for Halloween this year?


Taylor Swift

I love love Taylor Swift's sense of style. Her outfits are always refreshing and bright, showing the fun side of her. Basically i find her style quite similar to her music, very country. It's also very wearable and I'm sure young girls would look up to her for style tips. I can tell she loves bright colors and isn't afraid to experiment with them, which is important in fashion. Tell me what you think of Taylor's style!

picture source:www.teenvogue.com


Alexander McQueen shoes

very Lady Gaga!

These are some of the crazy Alexander Mcqueen shoes that I came across while looking for inspirations for my shoe designs. What I love about Alexander Mcqueen is that it is so unique and out-of-the-world, and when you look at an outfit paired with one of these shoes, the attention goes all the way down to the footwear. The question is: are these shoes wearable? Maybe, maybe not, but i think i know several simple ways to pull off an outfit with these shoes. Stick with the classics, like the LBD or the LWD, with a leather jacket or a blazer to give it a simple feel. With all the craziness going on in one area, always keep it simple for the rest of the outfit. However when it comes to the accessories, don't be afraid to play with colors and unique designs to express that craziness in you. Tell me what you think of these shoes!

Spring makeup

We all know that red lipstick is always a must-have for any season of the year, however as spring is approaching, nude lips and golden eye shadow are back. Of course, we always have to play around with colors sometimes, so a smokey eye would be a perfect alternative. Whenever i think of spring, i think of bold floral prints on my dress, and simplicity on the face. Its all about the GLOW! Think Chanel 2010 spring RTW. Let me know what you guys think!

picture source:www.makeupforlife.net


The Chanel 2.55

Stars like LC owns the fashion must have!

Coco Chanel's iconic bag was launched in February of 1955, hence the moniker, 2.55. Each feature of the bag - from the lining to the shoulder strap - reveals a bit about Mme Chanel. The brown lining is the color of the uniforms from the convent where she grew up. The inside zippered compartment on the front flap is where she hid her love letters. The back outside flap is where she stashed extra money. the shoulder straps, which were quite uncommon on luxury items at the time, are there because Mme Chanel saw nothing unfeminine about having her hands free.

extracted from 'The One Hundred" by Nina Garcia

"A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous"
Coco Chanel

GOSSIP GIRL - How to succeed in Bassness

Olivia Burke - Hilary Duff
Blair Waldorf - Leighton Meester
Jenny Humphrey - Taylor Momsen

This week's halloween themed episode of Gossip Girl (season 3, episode 7) was very fashion forward! I noticed that alot of pearls were worn during Chuck's club opening, not forgetting Jenny's fabulous black outfit which shows us exactly how to pull off rock and roll, and high fashion glam at the same time (sorry couldn't find that picture). Also, I noticed that Jenny wore fishnet stockings at school, and while some people think it may be too sexy and intriguing, It was toned down with the oversized white t-shirt. Her make up was very rock and roll, and it definitely shouts Taylor Momsen. Can't wait for next week's episode!

picture source: www.gossipgirlreport.com


introducing spring 2010


I've uploaded a few of my personal favorite garments from my favourite designers, from their spring collection RTW 2010. I find ruffles are very appealing especially during the spring season, as well as drapings. I think that the spring collection should be refreshing and has to show more body, however Balenciaga has many prints and graphics that would distract people (in a good way), and adding the zipper makes the outfit very modern. Let me know which are your favourites!

picture source: www.style.com