Milan highlights - Sheer

Miu Miu
Marc Jacobs

The economy is still really bad, and it is sort of shown on this season's look. Transparency is in, and as much as we could laugh about it, it also sends a certain message about the world, about the economic crisis all of us are dealing with now. Here are some quotes from the people who attended Milan fashion week for spring 2010.

"times that are uncertain"
Mario Testino

"the concept of privacy is so important in the world right now"

"Underwear is the new outerwear"
Hamish Bowles

"its all about the new transparency [and] because of the economy is still in the dark, we're invested in transparency again"
Nicole Phelps

"there's nothing to hide"

"you have to be in good shape for these times"
Terron Schaefer

"Be private about our frustrations"
Lady Amandad Harlech

picture source:www.style.com

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