Style Icon : Anna Dello Russo

We don't hear the name often, and her existence is one of the most important in the fashion world. A fashion director at vogue, she's is in charge of everything before they become a trend. She is like the Wilhelmina Slater of Mode magazine in Ugly Betty, but only in real life. While balancing her hectic career and chaotic week, she has proven her passion for fashion when she enjoys working and living it as well. Her wardrobe is crucial for her, and if frequently a show-stopper for the paparazzi outside the fashion tent. Her role is a good example to all of you potential fashion producers, that if you are dedicated to it, you could do wonders.

M.A.C starter kit

I love M.A.C, but most of us don't really know what to get to start out with. Heres a bunch of items i hope could help you at the counter, but just know that if there's any other brand out there which suits you better, don't waste your money on M.A.C. These items have been tested out by myself and it works miraculously for my complexion. If there are any comments on these products, feel free to tell me by leaving a comment!

I find that the MAC concealer is amazingly good, and it lasts really long. I chose this type of concealer than the one in the pot mainly because this is thinner, enabling your skin to breathe through no matter how many layers you dab on to cover your flaws. Also, when using this concealer, make sure you use just a tiny bit of it, and voila it could cover up flawlessly.

Mineralize foundation (loose powder)

This foundation is way better than the liquid one in my opinion. The best part about this foundation is that it not only has SPF of 15, but also it could be used as your loose powder, and gives you a finish look. If you're staying in a more sunny area and you're really lazy to wear heavy make up, i suggest you could first put on your concealer and finish off with this mineralize foundation, and it'll give you a fresh and bare look, and ultra flawless!

Blush Powder

If you're starting out and you're not ready to experiment with different shades or colors, i suggest you getting either a blush powder, or a bronzer, depending on what you're going for. However if you're trying to find a perfect blush for you, you could either ask for advises at the counter or you could start out with the color Dame. I feel that this color suits almost every skin tone, but it'll be safer to try it on one by one.
Paint Pot

This paint pot is mostly for your eyes, as a base. You could also try just using it by itself, because there are so many different colors to choose from. The biggest problem that most of us face is that when we purchase this item, we tend to forget about the applicator (brush). I think this is a down side for most M.A.C products, but you do not ever use your eye shadow brush. It'll be great if you get the brushes from M.A.C itself, but from the price points, i think getting a cheaper brand from a drug store would be best to start out with.


NEWS Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret has been one of my favorite shops to shop at online, and its really cool that the store is coming to asia! Most of us splurge in La Senza, or Women's Secret, or the pre-teen store Young Hearts, but i have a good feeling that Victoria's Secret would take over by storm (not that i dislike the other brands, don't get me wrong). If you guys are interested in more details, heres some websites related.

how to spot a fake : LOUIS VUITTON

REAL (speedy 30)

FAKE (speedy 35)

Its kinda weird that sometimes when i go out and i see someone wearing a louis vuitton bag, i would always try to spot if it were a real or a fake. In this economy, its really common to find people buying fake stuff, and i guess its okay if you're careful and pick the right one for a decent pricing. So here's a list of differences between a real and a fake speedy bag.

-smells like fresh leather
-LV sign is not even close to the beige piping
-there is a not-so-obvious red leather behind the beige piping of the bag
-when playing with the zipper, it is super smooth
-every lining of the bag is smooth and cannot be bent
-the handle is pretty heavy

-if it smells like an old leather car seat
-the LV sign has been cut in between of the piping
-the LV sign is upside-down (SUPER FAKE)
-the red lining behind the piping is rough and sloppy
-the zipper gets stuck in between
-the bag is easily squashed

PS. let me know if i missed out some stuff


TREND REPORT - lingerie


Dolce & Gabbana

Audrina Patridge

Lindsay Lohan

Taylor Momsen

Corsets, lace, panty-hoes, fishnet stockings. Forget conservative, relive sexy and subtle! This vintage trend is back and better, with a tint of rock edge to it (taylor momsen did a fantastic job with her beautiful long legs). Designers always look back to the past to evaluate and to alter the present, and i really think that not everybody would pull this look off pleasantly. The words "skank" would be often used against this look, but if you're confident, why not?

TREND REPORT - graphic prints

Kristin Cavallari

Nicole Richie

Sarah Jessica Parker

Jessica Szohr

Leighton Meester

Diane Kruger

Jessica Stroup

It has been a long time since I've blogged, mainly because of the holidays but I'm back! And I have a feeling that this year 2010 would be better than ever, especially with the turn outs on the red carpet since december. This year, graphic and abstract prints are as important and as lovable as the animal prints, if you remember Balenciaga 2010 spring RTW collection, it emphasizes a lot on graphical prints. Graphical prints are a must-have for many reasons; they are loved by many trendsetters, they are available in many crazy patterns, and they are the perfect transition piece of 2010! Here are a list of budget-friendly stores i have found with great graphic printed garments.

-Forever 21
-Dorothy Perkins