What to wear : girls day out

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With all the schooling and stress I'm getting, it's obvious why i would only think about a fabulous girls night out! After viewing several french bloggers, they've inspired me by their oh-so casual comfy style, to their modern/vintage take on a day to day outfit. So I've been obsessed with these crop tops now (its amazing how things come back in style), and for a girls day out, I'm thinking skinny jeans, with a little bit of detailing. Clogs would also amp up the look for a more trendy feel. I will be honest now and tell you that I have been eyeing on this YSL bag, except its not around anymore (they have different other versions of it though)! I feel that bags like these would be not so girly, making the entire outfit looking interesting. Moving on to makeup, a red lip is definitely a way to go. With that in mind, I prefer to keep everything else subtle and fresh, because after all, you'd be glowing while enjoying the day with your girls.

Favorite french bloggers:


Little streets

Long overdued pictures of my attempt to find cheap clothes in the arabian side of the country. It was a usual blazing day, but my tights and boots worked perfectly well. If not, they are actually more comfy for a girls day out. I admit, I'm getting a little crazed over the denim thing, which is such a trend! Totally light and comfy though.

shirt: forever 21

tights: dorothy perkins

boots: zara


What to wear : camping trip

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First off, sorry i havn't posted anything for so long! When i'm on vacation, i tend to have so much fun, by the time i come home its hard not to fall asleep! So I'm blogging while listening to California Gurls by Katy Perry, and I can't help but add candies and sweets all over. This might be a little late, but better than never eh? When camping, most girls think, comfy t-shirts, sweat pants, a hoodie and flip flops. I'm thinking, graphic printed tank tops or crop tees, with printed shorts and gladiator sandals. When it gets cold, a boyfriend cardigan is always the right way to go. Also, I like to add fun colors around, with bright colored watches and wayfarers. For makeup, I chose a soft blush tone and trio eye shadow palette from NYX, perfect for traveling during camp. For lips, coral is the best shade, and don't forget to bronze and shimmer after you moisturize!


CFDA awards favorites

Every year, I always wonder what designers and models would wear on this day, and I gotta admit I've been looking forward to Sarah Jessica Parker's outfit the most. The CFDA awards is an annual celebration for fashion, and this year there was a special tribute to Alexander McQueen. Check out the 2010 CFDA award winners and honorees here.



What to wear : Airport

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So here I am, blogging away next to an empty suitcase. I've spent a couple of days now figuring out what on earth I should pack, especially when my ticket and passport is staring at me. I always loved traveling, not so much the packing. So i went on to think about what to wear, and I decided to blog about it as well. By now, I bet everybody who follow my blog can figure out that I am OBSESSED with these Louis Vuitton city guide books. Its about USD$30, and it has maps and directories to the most expensive and elite places in each country. Speaking of Louis Vuitton travel, I'm also obsessed with these cabin bags, particularly the white checkered ones. This would be perfect to store practically everything you need from a 1 hour flight up to the 24 hour flight and more. I don't usually like wearing makeup when traveling, but lip balm and gloss are totally essential. I also chose a subtle brown-gray toned nail polish for a very chill look. Moving on, I'd think a simple shirt and jeans on a plane, but why not step it up a notch with a sailor shirt and tie dyed skinny jeans. After looking at Kim Kardashian and Dakota Fanning's looks on airplanes, I totally fell in love with the over-the-knee boots in airplanes. Here I chose flat soled OTK boots with cool detailing, and paired it with a leather military jacket. Now, I wouldn't wear contact lenses in the plane because of the dryness in the plane, so glasses are the best option (check out the awesome chanel shades with the pearls by the side!). Check out my previous airport post here.


MTV movie awards favorites

MTV movie awards are like the more laid back oscars. Well, wayy more laid back (especially when vulgar is used 85% of the entire evening). With that in mind, celebrities don't have to walk down the red carpet with elaborate gowns, but simply with short mini dresses and sparkly tux. The best part about it is that this also gives us inspiration for what to wear when we go out to a party, considering its the holidays!


RESORT '11: Yves Saint Laurent

Finally, Stefano Pilati has lighten up. This collection has showed a much less sober affair compared to the Fall '10 collection. I felt that this time, YSL brought the 70s bohemian back, and not forgetting to mix them with a pinch sexy upper east sider-esque. Floral printed heels were splashed down the side of the nipped-waist silk dresses, or across the front of a slim above-the-knee skirt worn with a delicate blouse.

I find this collection really interesting, mostly because YSL stayed true to the cruise theme as well as making it appropriate, while bringing the 70s back. I really liked the suits and the vintage high-waisted trousers, splashing vibrant fuchsia, lilac and color prints on them (a YSL classic). Check out the entire collection here.



RESORT '11: Donna Karan

I love the evening dresses in this collection! Black, white and silver metallics are the most unpredictable colors for this year's resort line, which is genius! This season DK designs are all meant for after dark. Pantsuits had the soft, slouchy ease of pajamas, one robe-like jacket even had a hood while a silk crepe jumpsuit came strictly tailored on top and loose and flowing below the waist.

Her signature goddess dresses were key in this collection. Deeply cowled, one-shouldered in satin jersey, knee-length and to-the-floor. Several outfits looked perfect and ready for the red carpet, however a few day looks would've been welcome additions. Check out the entire collection here.