Getaway to the Beach

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As i was thinking of what to blog about today, I decided to do another getaway style! This summer, beaches are the perfect vacation spot, but I've always had to stop and think through what on earth am I supposed to wear other than a cute bikini. First off, I am in love with Victoria's Secret's swim wear, because of their variety, and also them not being over priced. The norm for girls would be a maxi dress above the bikini, throughout the day and night, but for me it's getting a little boring. I picked a sailor striped tank top, probably long enough to be a mini dress, then I'd cover up with a denim shirt. When i think of beaches, colors that pop up would be yellow (sun) and blue (ocean). So play with whatever colors you can think of. For nail polish, I selected a couple of summer colors from Chanel to add a playful vibe to the look. For makeup, I'd always stick to coral lip shade and the soft golden eyes. Body lotion with SPF is a must, and I wouldn't want to forget to bronze my skin as well. MAC's new collection "To the Beach" has this amazing bronzer that feels like oil and is really easy and smooth to run it on your skin, but its shimmery and does not give too tanned skin. As for the accessories, i picked out House of Harlow jewelries as well as my all time favorite Chanel shades (with pearls at the sides) and a transparent tote bag just because. Don't forget the big hat to finish the look!

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