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So here I am, blogging away next to an empty suitcase. I've spent a couple of days now figuring out what on earth I should pack, especially when my ticket and passport is staring at me. I always loved traveling, not so much the packing. So i went on to think about what to wear, and I decided to blog about it as well. By now, I bet everybody who follow my blog can figure out that I am OBSESSED with these Louis Vuitton city guide books. Its about USD$30, and it has maps and directories to the most expensive and elite places in each country. Speaking of Louis Vuitton travel, I'm also obsessed with these cabin bags, particularly the white checkered ones. This would be perfect to store practically everything you need from a 1 hour flight up to the 24 hour flight and more. I don't usually like wearing makeup when traveling, but lip balm and gloss are totally essential. I also chose a subtle brown-gray toned nail polish for a very chill look. Moving on, I'd think a simple shirt and jeans on a plane, but why not step it up a notch with a sailor shirt and tie dyed skinny jeans. After looking at Kim Kardashian and Dakota Fanning's looks on airplanes, I totally fell in love with the over-the-knee boots in airplanes. Here I chose flat soled OTK boots with cool detailing, and paired it with a leather military jacket. Now, I wouldn't wear contact lenses in the plane because of the dryness in the plane, so glasses are the best option (check out the awesome chanel shades with the pearls by the side!). Check out my previous airport post here.

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