Whitney Port

I have been following Whitney Port ever since she was seen on The Hills, as Lauren Conrad's fellow colleague. She is unbelievably sweet and easy going, and has an amazing sense of style. Her clothing line 'Whitney Eve' has already been a huge success, and you can see all the drama on this week's episode on The City. From being an intern at teen vogue all the way to PR in People's Revolution and now finally a fashion designer, she has proved to everyone that she can make it all the way to where she is now, with all the support she could get from her family, friends and her boss Kelly Cutrone. Click here to view her Spring 2010 collection, and click here to have a sneak peak on her Fall 2010 collection. Watch her on The City tuesday nights on MTV


Cat Fettish?

I used to joke all the time to my friends that if i don't get married by my 20s, i swore i would be that old lady rotting with a bunch of cats and never ending activity of knitting. To be perfectly honest, i hate cats. Im more of a dog person like everyone else in my family. However when i was searching for inspiration, i came across this editorial from Vogue Italia May 2008 magazine. This seriously makes those old ladies we read in books and watch on cartoon look really good! They look like "Yeah I'm single, yeah I'm a widow, yeah i love cats, but i look FIERCE!" Im in love with bright colors now, and this seemed like the perfect post to show what i really mean. Happy Sunday guys and enjoy!


Style Bloggers


I dreamt of Europe

blouse: forever 21
belt: gucci
pants: thrift store

I love this mask that my godmother had gotten for me from Venice! When I got home from school today, I decided to post an outfit of the day which would include this gorgeous masquerade mask.
I am IN LOVE with these pants right now, mainly because its so light and has pockets to make my body look curvy. I gotta admit that the forever 21 blouse i am wearing is literally at the back of my closet, and when i thought about it, i decided to spend about 15 minutes digging it out to pair it with the pants. With all the black and white going on, I pulled out my vintage gucci belt, which was a gift, and enhancing my waistline. And that is basically my outfit of the day!


Disney on Fashion

Chace Crawford

That pretty boy in Gossip Girl who plays Nate Archibald. His style in the show is absolutely amazing, as he channels the boy next door and the upper east sider socialite all at the same time. Suits, suede shoes and plaid button down shirts are a must have for Nate's style.

I feel that i have not mentioned anything about men clothing, and here's a great way to show how we like them men. Here's a list of affordable brands to check out.

-massimo dutti
-zara men
-armani exchange
-fred perry



What to wear : Prom

Vanessa Hudgens
Emma Watson
Chanel Iman
Justin Timberlake
Taylor Lautner

Whenever your prom is, its always crucial to get prepare and get ready. For girls, evening gowns, maxi dresses, or minis are all appropriate for this event. A few of my favorites includes the nude toned gown Vanessa Hudgens wore to the Golden Globe awards, because of its classic feel and the modern twist. Emma Watson chose a bohemian themed maxi that is beautifully put together with a classic hair do, and Chanel Iman with a enchanting princessy prom dress. As for the guys, tux would be the norm, but Justin Timberlake had a jean button down dress shirt paired with a bow tie that made the entire look much more fashion forward. Taylor Lautner has always looked sharp and sleek on red carpet events, and his suit looks amazing on his built body.

Teen vogue April issue

This month's issue of teen vogue includes a couple of pictures of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth from The last song, who are now dating. For this shoot, the couple, along with the teen vogue team flew to Paris. I am in love with every shoe wore by Miley in these shoots, especially the military boots which was paired with a blue flare shorts, basic white tee, and a black blazer. The story of this shoot was that Miley and Liam were at Paris on vacation, and he takes pictures of Miley in wonderful locations of Paris.



GOSSIP GIRL - Inglorious basstards

Chuck Bass
Blair and Serena

This week's episode of Gossip Girl has been increasingly interesting, as Chuck and Blair are faced with a difficult decision as a couple, Serena plans a surprise party for Nate, only to give Jenny an opportunity to get closer to him. Dan and Vanessa has more couple situations, and Eric found a new guy.

Fashion wise, everybody at Nate's birthday party wore dark colors, also because of the theme "assassination". Also, Blair wore a beautiful maxi dress Jack Bass bought for her, which i couldn't find the picture. Jenny wore a navy blue trench coat, with a gray scarf she wore the entire day, paired up with a black fedora hat and Dr. Martin boots.

Sneak peak for next episode, Dorota gets married to Vanya, and Jenny wears something gorgeous to seduce Nate.



Happy Easter!

credits : GGG
zara white v-neck top, thrift store blazer, zara slim cut jeans, schu loafers, balenciaga city bag

Recently i purchased my zara top and jeans just last week, and i thought i would regret getting these jeans initially. It was too long for my legs so my mom thought i could fold it in. But then i thought, why don't i fold it out instead so that people can see it? So i paired that with a pair of purple loafers and it made everything so comfortable, especially having to walk miles!


M.A.C viva glam

Dita Von Teese
Pamela Anderson
Cyndi Lauper & Lady Gaga

Viva Glam is all about giving back, and what better way to give back than to purchase a M.A.C viva glam lipstick and help to raise funds for HIV/AIDS. Every cent is donated to the M.A.C AIDS fund to support men, women and children living with HIV and AIDS.

March favorites

M.A.C lipstick
Lady Gaga Viva glam

When i saw the ad for the Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper M.A.C Viva glam lipsticks, i knew i had to get a hold of them. Unfortunately i was broke at the moment and i only got the Gaga lipstick which was a neon pink color, instead of the cherry red Cyndi Lauper one. One of the reasons why i chose Gaga was because it was selling out fast, and i couldn't bear not having one. Come on, Girls just wanna have fun!

Hydrating night cream

During spring break, my mother came to visit me and she bought this Lancome night cream for me to try. I am not a fan of using many products on my face, but since it costed a lot, i decided to give it a try and do a review on it. This is my honest opinion, and i really grown to love this product. It moisturizes your face so well and even prevents break outs on the T-zone. It would be perfect for those who live in warm countries.

Shu Uemura
Eye lash curler

The best eye lash curler in the world! It is an investment and every girl should have this product. I have been using this eye lash curler since last year and i have never had another curler this good. Most makeup artists also recommend everyone to have this curler as it is definitely worth it.

The Magnum Volume express

Available in all drugstores, this cheap mascara is the best thing ever. I am always scouting for better mascaras on a daily basis, and this definitely defines your lashes better. Especially after using the shu uemura eye lash curler, this mascara does its job by pulling it longer and more visible. If you have problems with your short eye lashes like i do, this mascara is perfect!

White fishnet tights

We all love the classic black fishnets, but white has been spotted in many mannequins lately. From Topshop to Forever 21, these tights are worth buying for as it isn't too high end and its perfect for day and night. It also wouldn't look too provocative, and it would actually be cute on really thin and long legs.

Universal Studios

March=Spring break. Spring break=Fun! As my family came to visit me in Singapore, we had a chance to visit the new Universal Studios. I wore a forever 21 over sized button-down shirt, a thrift store jean shorts, zebra printed loafers from Aldo paired with my red longchamp tote bag. It was almost the best thing to wear in a theme park except i couldn't ride the Jurassic Park ride because i didn't want my shoes to get wet! Note to self: wear slippers and bring an extra shirt the next time.