GOSSIP GIRL - The empire strikes Jack

Blair and Chuck
Mr Conwell and Blair

Yesterday's episode of Gossip Girl good, but not amazing, except for that last part when Elizabeth claimed not to be Chuck Bass's mother when she actually is. Jenny isn't with Damien anymore and Agnus took revenge on her used to be BFF, Serena and Nate helps Chuck with the Empire hotel and getting revenge on Jack, Blair brought along her friends which were actually prostitutes for her mother's fashion show, and Vanessa tries to spark up her relationship with Dan.

But in terms of fashion, i loved the clothes in Eleanor Waldorf's fashion show. It shows a very young but edgy side, something like a clash of Blair, Serena and Jenny all together. What Jenny wore for the entire day was quite amusing, with a really short red plaided shirt dress, a thick gray coat and floral/fish nets stockings paired with ankle boots. Her lips were plum if looked carefully, and I find the closest i can get with that shade would be a M.A.C lipstick in "Capricious". Blair wore a graphic printed mini with gladiator inspired ankle boots during the Eleanor Waldorf fashion show.



FALL '10 Fashion Week: DVF makeup

Its been a long time since i've blogged, and i decided to do a makeup tutorial today. I've also created Fashionesque on tumblr as well, so its easier for the people there to view my posts. Anyways, i've always wanted to do a tutorial for this look when i saw it on DVF fall '10 fashion week, because it seemed like fun for me to experiment a bunch of colors. The look i did is basically the toned down version of the runway look, and at a much cheaper price. I know a lot of people are using the coastal scents 88 palette and because it's cheaper and more accessible for everyone, so for this look, all shadows are from the palette. To understand what color i am using, i would refer them as (HORIZONTAL X VERTICAL). I apologize for the really bad camera effect because i am still considering to buy a new digital camera, so I am just using my built-in camera from my MacBook. Please comment or leave me a message and tell me what you guys think!

Makeup used

-urban decay brow kit in "Brown Sugar"
-urban decay eye shadow primer in "original"
-Coastal Scents 88 matte palette
-Maybelline mascara in "Magnum Volume Express"

-M.A.C bronzing powder in "Golden"

-M.A.C lipstick in "Equality"

First i'd start of with my normal foundation routine and would do my eye brows. I use the darker shade from Brown Sugar by urban decay, and fill in my brows. I'd then continue and extend it a little further down to the temples.
Next, i use my urban decay eye shadow primer in Original and rub it all over my eye lid and up towards my brow.
Then i'd start of using the darkest purple on the coastal scents 88 palette (6x8), and go from the middle of my lid and drag it to the outer corner of my eye.
Then i'd use a reddish brown color (11x7) and apply it mainly at the outer corner of the eye to darken the purple shade. Next i blend 2 turquoise colors (4x5) and (6x5), and apply them closer to the inner corner of my eye.
Lastly, i use the black color (11x8) and gently apply it from the outer corner of my eye and blend it on top all the way until it touches a lighter tone.
Be careful not to apply the shadows too close to your brow for a more subtle look.
Then i highlight just below of my brow with any light color.
Next, i curl my lashes with my Shu Uemura eye lash curler for about 5 seconds and apply my new Maybelline mascara in Magnum.
Time for the blush. I am using a M.A.C bronzer in Golden, which is really light and keeps that paleness yet freshness in your cheeks. Apply that from your apples all the way to your forehead and blend.
Finally for the lips, i use a M.A.C lipstick in Equality and dab it all the way to give a very nudie shade which would help to bring out the eyes.


Skin care review

So I decided to do a review on skin care today, thanks to twitter. I have really dry skin so I guess i am kinda lucky in a way because it is easier to maintain my skin. I recently tried out the clinique 3 step skin care system and it has worked really well for my skin. There are 4 different types depending on your skin type (dry, combination dry, combination oily and oily). I am using combination dry because my dry areas are only at my T-zone.

Before I tried this clinique 3 step skin care system, i was really lazy to use a toner and moisturizer for my face. I used to just wash it with a regular facial wash and that was it. Even though I had compliments for not having an oily based skin, my mother insisted that I should start using at least a moisturizer. Also, my mother had read an article about teenagers who should wash their faces only at night before they go to bed, because they shouldn't get too much chemicals on their developing face (it works great on me but i don't guarantee).

Clinique has really good products, however some may think it might be a little too costly to spend on beauty products. I used to ignore spending too much on facial washes as well but then i realized that i had to invest on my facial wash because I need good skin to have good make up! That being said, Clinique caters to every skin type, and they are really specific in what type of tone you are, to what you want to recover. They also have products which can control acne problems and blemishes, but you'd have to use it regularly.

DISCLAIMER: this is my honest opinion of the product. I am not paid to do this review. I bought this product with my own money.


How to wear: Camel and Khaki

Kate Hudson
Kristen Bell, Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna

The Khaki trench first started out in the early 20s and has lived on to this day. Now Khaki blazers, jackets, shorts and fancy pants are created to live up its standards with the classic trench.

I feel that the easiest way to wear Khaki would be a simple french navy blue and white stripped shirt with khaki shorts and a khaki blazer, paired with aviator glasses to finish the look. It'll also be simpler if matched with a simple plaid button down shirt in exchange of the blue and white stripped shirt, tucked into a cute pair of camel trousers (what Kristen Bell and Rihanna are wearing) and paired with a buckled ankle boot.

The best places to shop Camel clothing online would be www.theory.com, because it also shows you how to wear it without looking tacky.


GOSSIP GIRL - The Hurt Locket

Jenny and Damien
Serena Van der Woodsen
Blair Waldorf

Finally after weeks of waiting, this episode has gone on air. In this episode, Serena is finally dating Nate, and Chuck has finally found his mother, sort of. Blair becomes a good best friend, and Jenny hits on Damien the drug dealer.

Damien was supposed to pass on some drugs to the French ambassador's daughter, and Jenny was supposed to help during the ball. Jenny of course, wore a red carpet worthy black dress, with a beautiful tint of pink lipstick. I have tested and the closest i can get to that shade is the new M.A.C Lady GaGa limited edition lipstick. Moving on, I am in love with Serena's outfit when she was out and about with Nate, then with Damien, then with Blair. She wore a plaid patterned stocking paired with dark brown OTK boots which is perfect for the cold weather in NYC.

As for the guys, there was one outfit where Nate wore a plaid shirt with brown pants and sneakers, when he surprised Serena at the Waldorf's. It was so effortless and so stylish that he looked so scrumptious!


FALL '10 Fashion Week: Louis Vuitton

Red Carpet

To sum it all up, this season's Louis Vuitton was 50s with a twist. That rich and beautiful woman walking along the streets with class and elegance, wearing beautifully made clothes. Most of the looks this season was very vintage, but Marc Jacobs had twisted it in a certain way which still brings us to the future. Skirts were 3/4 length but made from leather, or the blazer would have a little padding, with a bold metallic color splashed on it. Not to mention detailing was very important this season, as Marc Jacobs had zoomed in on the shoes and bags, and was not afraid to show the goods.

The set was beautiful, with a huge fountain in the middle and models walking around it. Supermodels such as Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Rosie Huntington, and Jessica Stam were all present and walking down elegantly in Louis Vuitton. Marc Jacob had said that this season was a no-brainer. It was just a celebration of original women.

To view the entire Louis Vuitton Fall '10 collection, click here.


FALL '10 Chanel Purses

Ice cubes, Ice bergs and snow are the elements for Chanel's accessories this season. Ice Jewelry conspired to create intensely worked ruffled and beaded silhouettes that glinted with rock-crystal neckpieces and fistful of rings. Somewhere in there, a flash of translucent silver seemed to be a clutch in which the quilting of the CC classic bag had been frozen into the likeness of a refrigerator ice cube tray.

The unique thing about this season's accessories are also that ice boxed purses are invented. I have never seen anyone used a cube as a purse before, let alone carrying a box around. The classic CC purse has also been frozen and made into a cute little icy purse, which I would expect a lot of fake ones really soon.


FALL '10 Fashion Week: Chanel


This season, Chanel had incorporated its classic vintage chanel, with 60's retro and today's ridiculously cold weather. The set itself had giant chunks of bona fide icebergs, specially transported from Scandinavia, forming a frozen landscape around which the models would splash through a sea of 'berg-melt in shaggy snow boots with ice-blocked heels.

White and Black colors are usually the norm for Chanel, but this time red, blue and khaki tones are being used to create a (sort of) ancient mongolians, and a hint of retro shown in the entire look itself. Leather and Fur seems to be a great match as well this season in Chanel, so are the modern meets tribal accessories. The twist is that these fur are actually fake, in which Karl Lagerfeld explained that it was woven into brown tweeds. Some might even say that Lagerfeld had put in a lot more than he did on Fendi, which is extravagant.

P.S don't you just feel the chills while looking at these clothes?

Check out the entire Chanel Fall '10 collection here.

FALL '10 Alexander McQueen

Before he took his life, Alexander McQueen did an amazing job in his last collection for Fall. It had imagination and technical wizardry, and it reminded me of Star Wars meets the olden days british empire. Each piece was made of couture satin, and paved with golden rococo swirls, the sleeves erupting into three-dimensional embroideries for the "avatar" age. This captured the span of his mind and the skill of his hands.

Alexander McQueen's designs have always been unique and creative, but not bizarre. His creations had a lot of digital graphic patterning, and amazing weaving and embroidery. Each look was worn with a bronzed cap, some spiked with a mohawk of gilded leaves. To me, I find every look was very angelic yet spooky in a certain way. The presentation started off with a haunting soundtrack of operatic music, and tears were welling in the eyes of the people in the audience.

Each piece is unique, as was he.

To view the entire Alexander McQueen Fall '10 collection, click here.
source:www.wwd.com , www.style.com


82nd Academy Awards- nude toned gowns

Demi Moore
Altelier Versace
Miley Cyrus
Jenny Packham
Anna Kendrick
Elie Saab Haute Couture
Diane Kruger
Chanel Haute Couture

It all started with the classic nude pump, then the nail polish, and finally the dress. These nude toned gowns had created an impact on the red carpet a few days ago at the oscars and if you haven't already realized, nude tones has made a comeback, and it still feels fresh and evergreen this season. From Blush to beige to ecru and eggshell, neutral tones has some serious appeal.

I have to say that I am totally in love with Miley Cyrus's Jenny Packham nude/champagne colored dress. Her up do was very appropriate and her accessories were minimal. The purple shade in her smokey eye was very appealing as well, and her nude lip finish was amazing. I'd give second place to Diane Kruger, wearing the Chanel Haute Couture champagne toned dress. Normally, I would say that everybody can pull off a Chanel, but Diane Kruger up'ed her standards with her "less is more" look.

source:www.style.com , www.whowhatwear.com



There has been an extraordinary outpouring of grief over the death of Alexander McQueen at age 40. That is a testament to just how groundbreaking and powerful the British designer's vision was.

McQueen's work always provoked emotional reactions—extreme ones. One season, his audience shed tears of frustration over his inhospitable choice of venue; the next, tears of joy over the haunting beauty of both the clothes and the staging. Even as he entered his forties, the designer was hardly ever written about without the phrase "enfant terrible" following his name. And yet, despite the perennial bad-boy tag, he'd won all the big awards given out in London and was even honored by Queen Elizabeth as a Commander of the British Empire in 2003.

Theatricality was the name of McQueen's game—from romantic, corseted silhouettes to gobsmacking gowns created from feathers or, say, fresh flowers—but his grand gestures were backed up by incredible attention to detail and tailoring. He was born in 1969 in the East End, the son of a London cabbie. At 16, he began work as an apprentice cutter on Savile Row, where, according to a story too delicious not to be believed, he graffitied obscenities into the linings of suits intended for the Prince of Wales. After a brief sojourn in Milan cutting patterns for Romeo Gigli, McQueen enrolled at Central Saint Martins. In 1994, his graduate collection caught the eye of the late fashion stylist Isabella Blow, who purchased it for $7,750 and became his champion. The following year, McQueen cemented his rising-star status with the hackle-raising Highland Rape collection, which featured tattered dresses, bloodstained models, and his notoriously low-cut "bumster" pants. In 1996, Givenchy came calling, installing McQueen as chief designer. But his reign there was a tumultuous one: It ended in 2001, a few months after the Gucci Group bought a 51 percent stake in his own label. McQueen subsequently expanded into menswear, accessories, fragrance, and eyewear, and he launched a second line, McQ, in 2006. His Spring 2008 show was a tribute to his mentor, Issy Blow, who died in May 2007. It's hard to comprehend that he would follow her so soon.

extracted from www.style.com

FALL '10 Fashion Week: Christian Dior

jump suits

From all i have seen so far in fashion week fall '10, Christian Dior would be the ultimate show ever. John Galliano has been an inspiration for me, and his work of art is impeccable and unpredictable. This season for Christian Dior, he admits that his muse was Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, but just the early part of the movie (whatever that meant). I felt that this season was more of the olden english days, when the only transportation were horses, and people wore boots and wizard ish hats.

This season, patent leather is definitely a big highlight of the show, as well as lace and a dash of pearls. As for accessories, Dior had been working on the vintage and classic pearl necklace, with a twist. Threads and feather features were added to create a hairier look, which would add that sense of edginess to the outfit. Over the knee boots were incorporated, and big leather coats were created.

To view the complete Christian Dior Fall '10 collection click here.


FALL '10 Prada Shoes

Its all back to the 60s with Prada this season, and I was especially in awe with the shoe collection this fall, just because of its foxiness and vintage accents. These brogue shoes were originally created for men (of course without the heel) since the 1900s. This shoe has stayed on and converted itself for women, adding a heel on it. It then became extremely popular during the 10s and 20s, and came back this year.

Many have said that after watching this season's Prada fashion show, they felt like they had gotten a sense of the vintage foxy women, those who would "have a cigar for breakfast". Those filthy rich women, who just hangs out at the bar, with her own sense of class while holding on to a cigarette and a martini at the same time.

I have to agree that I do feel that aura when I saw the complete collection. This season the shoes are mostly worn with wooled tubed socks inside. This completes the fall/winter part accessories wise, but without the socks, I feel that these shoes can be worn for any occasion.

source:www.whowhatwear.com , www.style.com


FALL '10 Fashion Week: Roberto Cavalli makeup

So i've interpreted this look and managed to get as close as possible, given my lack of makeup skills. I'll be very honest, especially with the fact that i don't own much makeup, and most of my makeup are very affordable and can be found easily at Sephora (except for coastal scents). Leave me comments if you have a good product which is great for this look, or simply tell me what you guys think about my very first makeup tutorial post.

Makeup used

-Urban Decay brow kit in "Brown Sugar"
-Urban Decay eye shadow primer potion (the purple one)
-M.A.C eye shadows in "concrete", "twinks", "embark" and "amber lights"
-M.A.C Technakohl liner in "GraphBlack"
-Estee Lauder Maximum Volume mascara in "Magna Scopic"

-M.A.C blush creme in "Posey"

-M.A.C lipstick in "Equality" (limited edition:all ages, all races, all sexes)
-Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush in "piece of cake" (AKA "slice of heaven")

First off I do my normal foundation routine, and i would start with my brows. I used the Urban Decay brow kit, and i chose the darker color to fill in my brows. I extend it up to my temples. It should give you a very 1937 Audrey Hepburn diva look.
Next, i used my Urban Decay eye shadow primer and rub it all over my lid. I then apply a M.A.C eyeshadow in concrete (neutral brown) all over my lid as a base. Then I use twinks (dark brown) on my lid just before the crease and nearer to the lash line. I try not to apply it too close to the inner corner of my eye. Next, i use embark (dark reddish brown) from my outer lid and i drag it upwards to my brow, to create the punk look shown in the picture. I then apply amber lights (gold) on my inner corner of my eye and also a little bit on my lower lash line. I neaten the look by dusting more concrete (neutral brown) around the eye.
Then, i would curl use my M.A.C eye liner in Graph Black on the outer corner of my eye, and on my tight line. I would then curl my lashes (i use Shu Uemura eye lash curler) for about 5 seconds, and apply my estee lauder mascara in Magna Scopic.
After i'm done with my eyes, I used a tint of blush, which what I used was a creamy blush from M.A.C called Posey, which was not too pink and had a very natural touch to it. To use this properly, smile to find your apples and then work your way up.
Finally, i applied my M.A.C lipstick in Equality (nude) by dabbing it on my lip. I try not to use too much so that there would still be that pinkish tone to my lip. I finish the look by dabbing a lipgloss by Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush in Slice of Heaven.