GOSSIP GIRL - The empire strikes Jack

Blair and Chuck
Mr Conwell and Blair

Yesterday's episode of Gossip Girl good, but not amazing, except for that last part when Elizabeth claimed not to be Chuck Bass's mother when she actually is. Jenny isn't with Damien anymore and Agnus took revenge on her used to be BFF, Serena and Nate helps Chuck with the Empire hotel and getting revenge on Jack, Blair brought along her friends which were actually prostitutes for her mother's fashion show, and Vanessa tries to spark up her relationship with Dan.

But in terms of fashion, i loved the clothes in Eleanor Waldorf's fashion show. It shows a very young but edgy side, something like a clash of Blair, Serena and Jenny all together. What Jenny wore for the entire day was quite amusing, with a really short red plaided shirt dress, a thick gray coat and floral/fish nets stockings paired with ankle boots. Her lips were plum if looked carefully, and I find the closest i can get with that shade would be a M.A.C lipstick in "Capricious". Blair wore a graphic printed mini with gladiator inspired ankle boots during the Eleanor Waldorf fashion show.


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