February Favorites

Alice in Wonderland collection

With the movie Alice in Wonderland coming so soon, beauty products had definitely done an incredible job in inventing colors and concepts to match with this classic disney story. O.P.I has recently come up with a limited edition, with 4 different colors in cute petite bottles. These colors are Absolutely Alice, Mad as a Hatter, Thanks so muchness, and Off with her Red. Mad as a Hatter (blue) and Thanks so muchness (berry red shimmer) are both shimmer colors and are filled with different shades, but when mixed together becomes magical. Off with her Red (forth bottle) is a tomato color, but does not stand out as much as Absolutely Alice (first bottle) which is a more common color but totally demands attention.
Too Faced
Tanning bed in a tube

Unlike the other self tanner i tried from benefit (Jiffy tan), i have to say that honestly, this is way much better. It gives you just a tint of tan and shimmer which is perfect (we're talking about fake tans here). Not to mention, it smells so good, and its very affordable. Available at all Sephora departments.

I'm not a big blush fan, and I always choose bronzers over blushes 95% of the time. However this Benetint has proved to be the simplest blush in the history of blushes! Some people might be afraid if it leaves blotches when applied, but it works fine on most people. I would definitely recommend this product to those who are constantly in school(if your school allow make up), or when you're on the go, you could just carry this easily in your purse and apply it when you need it. Also the great thing about this is that it lasts really long!
Urban Decay
Alice in Wonderland Box of Shadows

This limited addition box of shadows has the best colors i've seen in just the expense of $88. These colors have names such as Mad Hatter, Wonderland and Tea party. It also includes 2 eye liners, and a mini eye primer. The special thing about this box of shadows is that when opened, a pop up picture of Alice in the Mushroom forest would appear and the decor would go around the mirror.
Valentine's Day

In February, a day which is unforgettable would definitely be Valentine's day. This year is extra special just because they created this uber cute movie about the different things that can happen during Valentine's day. Played by almost everyone in Hollywood, there is not much plot to the movie, but i liked it alot, and you would be sure to find me rushing to the counter when the DVD comes out!
Longchamp (Long-shomp)

This Longchamp classic tote bag comes in various colors, depending on the season. I find this bag is the best for just a regular day out, or maybe when traveling around where you can just dump your stuff inside. When not in use, you could just fold it to a small rectangle and keep it in a dry area, and it would be out of your way. Simple and chic, and totally stylish.

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