FALL '10 Fashion Week: Christian Dior

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From all i have seen so far in fashion week fall '10, Christian Dior would be the ultimate show ever. John Galliano has been an inspiration for me, and his work of art is impeccable and unpredictable. This season for Christian Dior, he admits that his muse was Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, but just the early part of the movie (whatever that meant). I felt that this season was more of the olden english days, when the only transportation were horses, and people wore boots and wizard ish hats.

This season, patent leather is definitely a big highlight of the show, as well as lace and a dash of pearls. As for accessories, Dior had been working on the vintage and classic pearl necklace, with a twist. Threads and feather features were added to create a hairier look, which would add that sense of edginess to the outfit. Over the knee boots were incorporated, and big leather coats were created.

To view the complete Christian Dior Fall '10 collection click here.

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