FALL '10 Fashion Week: DVF makeup

Its been a long time since i've blogged, and i decided to do a makeup tutorial today. I've also created Fashionesque on tumblr as well, so its easier for the people there to view my posts. Anyways, i've always wanted to do a tutorial for this look when i saw it on DVF fall '10 fashion week, because it seemed like fun for me to experiment a bunch of colors. The look i did is basically the toned down version of the runway look, and at a much cheaper price. I know a lot of people are using the coastal scents 88 palette and because it's cheaper and more accessible for everyone, so for this look, all shadows are from the palette. To understand what color i am using, i would refer them as (HORIZONTAL X VERTICAL). I apologize for the really bad camera effect because i am still considering to buy a new digital camera, so I am just using my built-in camera from my MacBook. Please comment or leave me a message and tell me what you guys think!

Makeup used

-urban decay brow kit in "Brown Sugar"
-urban decay eye shadow primer in "original"
-Coastal Scents 88 matte palette
-Maybelline mascara in "Magnum Volume Express"

-M.A.C bronzing powder in "Golden"

-M.A.C lipstick in "Equality"

First i'd start of with my normal foundation routine and would do my eye brows. I use the darker shade from Brown Sugar by urban decay, and fill in my brows. I'd then continue and extend it a little further down to the temples.
Next, i use my urban decay eye shadow primer in Original and rub it all over my eye lid and up towards my brow.
Then i'd start of using the darkest purple on the coastal scents 88 palette (6x8), and go from the middle of my lid and drag it to the outer corner of my eye.
Then i'd use a reddish brown color (11x7) and apply it mainly at the outer corner of the eye to darken the purple shade. Next i blend 2 turquoise colors (4x5) and (6x5), and apply them closer to the inner corner of my eye.
Lastly, i use the black color (11x8) and gently apply it from the outer corner of my eye and blend it on top all the way until it touches a lighter tone.
Be careful not to apply the shadows too close to your brow for a more subtle look.
Then i highlight just below of my brow with any light color.
Next, i curl my lashes with my Shu Uemura eye lash curler for about 5 seconds and apply my new Maybelline mascara in Magnum.
Time for the blush. I am using a M.A.C bronzer in Golden, which is really light and keeps that paleness yet freshness in your cheeks. Apply that from your apples all the way to your forehead and blend.
Finally for the lips, i use a M.A.C lipstick in Equality and dab it all the way to give a very nudie shade which would help to bring out the eyes.

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