Skin care review

So I decided to do a review on skin care today, thanks to twitter. I have really dry skin so I guess i am kinda lucky in a way because it is easier to maintain my skin. I recently tried out the clinique 3 step skin care system and it has worked really well for my skin. There are 4 different types depending on your skin type (dry, combination dry, combination oily and oily). I am using combination dry because my dry areas are only at my T-zone.

Before I tried this clinique 3 step skin care system, i was really lazy to use a toner and moisturizer for my face. I used to just wash it with a regular facial wash and that was it. Even though I had compliments for not having an oily based skin, my mother insisted that I should start using at least a moisturizer. Also, my mother had read an article about teenagers who should wash their faces only at night before they go to bed, because they shouldn't get too much chemicals on their developing face (it works great on me but i don't guarantee).

Clinique has really good products, however some may think it might be a little too costly to spend on beauty products. I used to ignore spending too much on facial washes as well but then i realized that i had to invest on my facial wash because I need good skin to have good make up! That being said, Clinique caters to every skin type, and they are really specific in what type of tone you are, to what you want to recover. They also have products which can control acne problems and blemishes, but you'd have to use it regularly.

DISCLAIMER: this is my honest opinion of the product. I am not paid to do this review. I bought this product with my own money.

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