GOSSIP GIRL - The Hurt Locket

Jenny and Damien
Serena Van der Woodsen
Blair Waldorf

Finally after weeks of waiting, this episode has gone on air. In this episode, Serena is finally dating Nate, and Chuck has finally found his mother, sort of. Blair becomes a good best friend, and Jenny hits on Damien the drug dealer.

Damien was supposed to pass on some drugs to the French ambassador's daughter, and Jenny was supposed to help during the ball. Jenny of course, wore a red carpet worthy black dress, with a beautiful tint of pink lipstick. I have tested and the closest i can get to that shade is the new M.A.C Lady GaGa limited edition lipstick. Moving on, I am in love with Serena's outfit when she was out and about with Nate, then with Damien, then with Blair. She wore a plaid patterned stocking paired with dark brown OTK boots which is perfect for the cold weather in NYC.

As for the guys, there was one outfit where Nate wore a plaid shirt with brown pants and sneakers, when he surprised Serena at the Waldorf's. It was so effortless and so stylish that he looked so scrumptious!


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