FALL '10 Fashion Week: Roberto Cavalli makeup

So i've interpreted this look and managed to get as close as possible, given my lack of makeup skills. I'll be very honest, especially with the fact that i don't own much makeup, and most of my makeup are very affordable and can be found easily at Sephora (except for coastal scents). Leave me comments if you have a good product which is great for this look, or simply tell me what you guys think about my very first makeup tutorial post.

Makeup used

-Urban Decay brow kit in "Brown Sugar"
-Urban Decay eye shadow primer potion (the purple one)
-M.A.C eye shadows in "concrete", "twinks", "embark" and "amber lights"
-M.A.C Technakohl liner in "GraphBlack"
-Estee Lauder Maximum Volume mascara in "Magna Scopic"

-M.A.C blush creme in "Posey"

-M.A.C lipstick in "Equality" (limited edition:all ages, all races, all sexes)
-Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush in "piece of cake" (AKA "slice of heaven")

First off I do my normal foundation routine, and i would start with my brows. I used the Urban Decay brow kit, and i chose the darker color to fill in my brows. I extend it up to my temples. It should give you a very 1937 Audrey Hepburn diva look.
Next, i used my Urban Decay eye shadow primer and rub it all over my lid. I then apply a M.A.C eyeshadow in concrete (neutral brown) all over my lid as a base. Then I use twinks (dark brown) on my lid just before the crease and nearer to the lash line. I try not to apply it too close to the inner corner of my eye. Next, i use embark (dark reddish brown) from my outer lid and i drag it upwards to my brow, to create the punk look shown in the picture. I then apply amber lights (gold) on my inner corner of my eye and also a little bit on my lower lash line. I neaten the look by dusting more concrete (neutral brown) around the eye.
Then, i would curl use my M.A.C eye liner in Graph Black on the outer corner of my eye, and on my tight line. I would then curl my lashes (i use Shu Uemura eye lash curler) for about 5 seconds, and apply my estee lauder mascara in Magna Scopic.
After i'm done with my eyes, I used a tint of blush, which what I used was a creamy blush from M.A.C called Posey, which was not too pink and had a very natural touch to it. To use this properly, smile to find your apples and then work your way up.
Finally, i applied my M.A.C lipstick in Equality (nude) by dabbing it on my lip. I try not to use too much so that there would still be that pinkish tone to my lip. I finish the look by dabbing a lipgloss by Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush in Slice of Heaven.

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