How to wear: Camel and Khaki

Kate Hudson
Kristen Bell, Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna

The Khaki trench first started out in the early 20s and has lived on to this day. Now Khaki blazers, jackets, shorts and fancy pants are created to live up its standards with the classic trench.

I feel that the easiest way to wear Khaki would be a simple french navy blue and white stripped shirt with khaki shorts and a khaki blazer, paired with aviator glasses to finish the look. It'll also be simpler if matched with a simple plaid button down shirt in exchange of the blue and white stripped shirt, tucked into a cute pair of camel trousers (what Kristen Bell and Rihanna are wearing) and paired with a buckled ankle boot.

The best places to shop Camel clothing online would be www.theory.com, because it also shows you how to wear it without looking tacky.

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