FALL '10 Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs

Red carpet

Marc Jacobs has reinvented the 1930s era back to his line. This season i find that his garments are all very classy and clean. Upon opening the show, Marc Jacobs himself came on stage and revealed something that looked like a giant box, with 56 models inside. These models walked while "somewhere over the rainbow" played, and the audience received a sort of relaxed feel which was what Marc Jacobs himself was trying to convey to us with this collection. The feeling of coming home played a very important role in this collection, and it definitely brought us back to the simple times.

This collection focused more on suits and outerwear for the upcoming fall, and the fabric is exquisite. Most of the garments showed a sense of coziness and warmth, and were mostly soft and cool colors. The effect that the material made is incredible, and it shows a taste of classiness and vintage. As for the accessories, flats are a must this season. When paired with a certain shade of tube sock, it would create a subtle feel to the rest of the outfit. Also, shorter heeled shoes are reintroduced this season, which reminds me of the clogs that were a big hit in Chanel Spring '10.

To view the complete Marc Jacobs Fall '10 collection click here.

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