FALL '10 Prada Shoes

Its all back to the 60s with Prada this season, and I was especially in awe with the shoe collection this fall, just because of its foxiness and vintage accents. These brogue shoes were originally created for men (of course without the heel) since the 1900s. This shoe has stayed on and converted itself for women, adding a heel on it. It then became extremely popular during the 10s and 20s, and came back this year.

Many have said that after watching this season's Prada fashion show, they felt like they had gotten a sense of the vintage foxy women, those who would "have a cigar for breakfast". Those filthy rich women, who just hangs out at the bar, with her own sense of class while holding on to a cigarette and a martini at the same time.

I have to agree that I do feel that aura when I saw the complete collection. This season the shoes are mostly worn with wooled tubed socks inside. This completes the fall/winter part accessories wise, but without the socks, I feel that these shoes can be worn for any occasion.

source:www.whowhatwear.com , www.style.com

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