FALL '10 Fashion Week: Chanel


This season, Chanel had incorporated its classic vintage chanel, with 60's retro and today's ridiculously cold weather. The set itself had giant chunks of bona fide icebergs, specially transported from Scandinavia, forming a frozen landscape around which the models would splash through a sea of 'berg-melt in shaggy snow boots with ice-blocked heels.

White and Black colors are usually the norm for Chanel, but this time red, blue and khaki tones are being used to create a (sort of) ancient mongolians, and a hint of retro shown in the entire look itself. Leather and Fur seems to be a great match as well this season in Chanel, so are the modern meets tribal accessories. The twist is that these fur are actually fake, in which Karl Lagerfeld explained that it was woven into brown tweeds. Some might even say that Lagerfeld had put in a lot more than he did on Fendi, which is extravagant.

P.S don't you just feel the chills while looking at these clothes?

Check out the entire Chanel Fall '10 collection here.

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