GOSSIP GIRL - Inglorious basstards

Chuck Bass
Blair and Serena

This week's episode of Gossip Girl has been increasingly interesting, as Chuck and Blair are faced with a difficult decision as a couple, Serena plans a surprise party for Nate, only to give Jenny an opportunity to get closer to him. Dan and Vanessa has more couple situations, and Eric found a new guy.

Fashion wise, everybody at Nate's birthday party wore dark colors, also because of the theme "assassination". Also, Blair wore a beautiful maxi dress Jack Bass bought for her, which i couldn't find the picture. Jenny wore a navy blue trench coat, with a gray scarf she wore the entire day, paired up with a black fedora hat and Dr. Martin boots.

Sneak peak for next episode, Dorota gets married to Vanya, and Jenny wears something gorgeous to seduce Nate.


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