how to spot a fake : LOUIS VUITTON

REAL (speedy 30)

FAKE (speedy 35)

Its kinda weird that sometimes when i go out and i see someone wearing a louis vuitton bag, i would always try to spot if it were a real or a fake. In this economy, its really common to find people buying fake stuff, and i guess its okay if you're careful and pick the right one for a decent pricing. So here's a list of differences between a real and a fake speedy bag.

-smells like fresh leather
-LV sign is not even close to the beige piping
-there is a not-so-obvious red leather behind the beige piping of the bag
-when playing with the zipper, it is super smooth
-every lining of the bag is smooth and cannot be bent
-the handle is pretty heavy

-if it smells like an old leather car seat
-the LV sign has been cut in between of the piping
-the LV sign is upside-down (SUPER FAKE)
-the red lining behind the piping is rough and sloppy
-the zipper gets stuck in between
-the bag is easily squashed

PS. let me know if i missed out some stuff

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  1. Just so you know, on the Speedy, the LV's being upside down on one side are actually a mark of authenticity, because on the real bags, they use one continuous piece of leather (so they would obviously be upside down on the back). This is specifically referring to bags in the Monogram Canvas pattern. An authentic bag will have the lvs upside down on the back (some fakes will too-it it's rightside up on both sides, it's DEFINITELY a fake).