GOSSIP GIRL - How to succeed in Bassness

Olivia Burke - Hilary Duff
Blair Waldorf - Leighton Meester
Jenny Humphrey - Taylor Momsen

This week's halloween themed episode of Gossip Girl (season 3, episode 7) was very fashion forward! I noticed that alot of pearls were worn during Chuck's club opening, not forgetting Jenny's fabulous black outfit which shows us exactly how to pull off rock and roll, and high fashion glam at the same time (sorry couldn't find that picture). Also, I noticed that Jenny wore fishnet stockings at school, and while some people think it may be too sexy and intriguing, It was toned down with the oversized white t-shirt. Her make up was very rock and roll, and it definitely shouts Taylor Momsen. Can't wait for next week's episode!

picture source: www.gossipgirlreport.com

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