How to look taller

We all want to look as tall as we can, but sometimes we always feel if we're not physically tall, there is no other way but to weep in one corner, or take pills hoping it would work. But celebrities have shown us that there is always a way or two to fake your height. Here are some tips.

Nicole Richie
OTK(over-the-knee) boots
Remember it's fall/winter, so having a pair of OTK boots isn't a sin. Most of the time it would be best if it were heeled, and if the heels were shaped uniquely, even better. Nicole Richie is a very small and petite person, however not only the extra height of the heels give her a boost, but also the length of the boot gives her an illusion of a longer leg. The best part of these boots are that all you need is fitted jeans to tuck inside, and the rest is completely up to you.

Ashley Tisdale
Flat soled boots
When you have boots which are not heeled, and not up to your knee, show more leg to create a false impression of a long leg. Go for light clothing, and bright colors to finish the look, and please make sure you lotion your legs so you won't get embarrassed when people stare at your long legs.

Rachel Bilson
Wide trousers/jeans
Extremely comfortable and useful to lengthen your legs. Rachel Bilson is one of the most petite people in Hollywood, and she smartly creates a beautiful illusion with her favorite type of pants, paired with high heels. My brand pick for these types of jeans are obviously Miss Sixty, just because it's sort of famous for its wide jeans. Tops to complete the look would be something fun and cute, like the blouse Rachel is wearing. Also since its still fall, wear a plaided button up shirt and tuck it in and pair it with your most comfortable heels.

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