Brow kits


Recently i found myself shopping for eye brow kits and people kept telling me that Benefit's has the best brow kits ever, and is sort of known for it as well. This brow kit is really cute because it is complete with a mini tweezer, angled brush for the brow, a blending brush, an eye liner for a smoky eye (kinda random), 2 different shade of color for your brow, and a brow wax to finish up your look. Price point is USD$38 and can be found in Sephora, Ulta or you can buy in online here.
Brow zings

This brow kit is smaller and comes in 3 different colors, light, medium and dark. It is also a cheaper alternative to the Brows-a-go-go from Benefit, only that it comes with a mirror, and does not have a gel wax for the finished brow. Price point is at $30, and you can get it in Sephora, Ulta or you can order it online here.

Urban Decay
Brow box

I recently bought this at Sephora, and was super excited to use it as an everyday routine. It comes in 4 different colors to choose from, Beige Betty (medium), Brown Sugar (dark), Gingersnap (auburn), and Honey Pot (blonde). It contains a mirror, mini tweezer, an angled brush, 2 shades for your brow and could be used as an eye shadow as well, and brow gel/wax for the finished look. Price point is at USD$29, and can be bought at Sephora or online here.

Too Faced
Brow Envy Kit

This high in demand brow kit comes in an uber cute packaging, and i find it is the most complete kit i have ever found in Sephora. It comes with a mirror, mini tweezer, angled brush, spooley, a brow pencil, conditioning wax, 2 shades for your brow, and 3 stencils to match your desired look. The shades are perfect for brunettes and blondes, and the kit itself are not easily found anymore. However you can order it online here at about USD$35.

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