January Favorites / Wish list

Lush soaps

I never realized how good these soaps were, until my room mate introduced them to me, and after doing a little more research, i got crazy and just want to get a hold of it as soon as possible! These soaps are not only sweet smelling, but also really unique and is used in its own special way. Unfortunately Lush is only available in US and the UK, but you can order it online right here. Price points are from USD$7 up to USD$20 depending on which type of soap you buy. Personally, its better to go to the shop and decide what you want to buy instead of ordering it online, because the range of scents are very wide and you might enjoy the experience as well. (PS most of these soaps go better when used in the tub)

Coastal Scents 88 makeup palette

I had just received this in my mail yesterday and was amazed by its quality! Each color might be relatively small, but the pigmentation of each shadow is amazing, and when compared to MAC, they are almost the same of quality. Considering the price as well, this palette is perfect for those who are starting out with makeup, or maybe just wanting to get colors that you don't necessarily use on a daily basis, but find yourself searching for that one color at the drugstore. You can purchase it online here.

Coastal Scents camo quad color corrector

Just got this one in my mail today and was blown away. Unlike normal concealers, this particular one has different colors to correct your uneven skin tone. The mint green shade is to cover reddish blemishes around the sides of your nose and cheeks, the yellow shade is to hide black/blue/purple imperfections, lavender shade is to even out skin tones for people with yellow or olive undertones, and the sky blue shade is to cover uneven tans. You can purchase it online here for only USD$8.
Victoria's Secret lip gloss Beauty Rush

I started using Beauty Rush by Victoria's Secret a year ago as my friend got it for me as a gift, and i fell completely in love with it. It is perfect for a regular lipgloss, or to sass up a more dramatic look, or to mix and match with other lip glosses to give a nice and clean new shade to perfect your look. You can purchase it in Victoria's Secret boutiques for about USD$8 and SG$13. Colors I LOVE LOVE are: Piece of cake (slice of heaven), Cherry Baby, Sugar Rush and Cocoalicious.

Boyfriend Blazer

This is more of a 2009-2010 favorite just because i find myself using it the most. This has even become part of my Blazer collection ever since spring-summer last year, and its still a part of my stapled ensemble on a daily basis. I cannot imagine myself without them! Brands I like are as follows: Zara, TopShop, Chanel.

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