Claudia Schiffer

The beautiful half-retired model Claudia Schiffer has always struck me, whether it was her classiness in the Chanel ads, to her down to earth comfy style while strolling around the streets of Paris, and her sexiness in these Guess ads. I've only known her at first through the many Guess campaigns she did, and she has always been such an icon. She explains that when she was still in school, agents have been contacting for her to move to Paris to be a model, and as soon as she graduated, she lied to her friends that she was going there to work with designers, instead of being a model because she was simply embarrassed. It turned to be true when she did work with Lagerfeld and even became his muse for the Chanel campaigns. She was discovered in a club when she was there with her then boyfriend, and everybody supported her to be a model. She had also confessed that if she were never discovered in that club that night, she would have never thought about being a model.

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