Getaway to Paris

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Its my first time using Polyvore, so tell me what you guys think! Paris have always been a go to for vacation spots, and the environment there has always inspired me to this day. Even as a 9 year old kid to Paris for her first time, I still wished I wore better clothes that time. Florals i find, are especially appropriate for this romantic city, and therefore i started the outfit from there. Its summer, so shorts and sandals are a must! The jacket that i have picked out screams parisian to me, and the hat adds a summer vibe to the look. For makeup, I'd go with a more romantic feel, with a neutral and pinkish eye, little bit of blush and a coral toned lip. Fragrance in Pariee, Chanel No. 5. Nail polish, nude ish/pink ish tone. Of course, i always like to add something expensive to the look, which in this case would be a Hermes Birkin bag just because.

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