GOSSIP GIRL - Last tango, then Paris

Its the season finale of Gossip Girl already? It seems like that created more problems rather than wrapping things up nicely in a big bow. Nate and Serena were happily together, they split. Chuck and Blair were the perfect couple, not anymore. Dan and Vanessa were finally together, then she went to Haiti and stop returning his calls after the infamous picture. Jenny leaves the Upper East Side and Georgina is back, with a child. Dan's child. And what could be more depressing than Chucks little incident in the dark alley? Season 4 better come quick!

As for clothes, Georgina's preggers outfit was only meant to create a bigger illusion of a bigger tummy, and the only thing to cover 'em all up were the thick wool coats. And as much as I hate Jenny's character, I LOVE her clothes! Her hair may seem disgustingly long and un-combed, but her printed dresses and leather jackets are simply perfect, in my opinion. Moving on, have anyone noticed that Serena's dresses are getting shorter and shorter and shorter, and now you can imagine her naked even better! But to be fair, she has one of the world's greatest bodies ever and only she can pull of such a look, Gossip Girl wise. Blair continues to maintain her preppy, chic but more mature outfits. However, the 2 are going to Paris after all, so I'm gonna expect extravagant clothes next season!

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