My Summer picks 2010

Day Out
First look:
crop tee: macy's / jeans:topshop / shoes:chanel
Second look:
tee: alexander wang / shoes:topshop / accessories:house of harlow
Third look:
maxi dress:forever 21 / shirt dress:ace&jig / briefcase bag:topshop

When i came across pictures of Santa Monica, i instantly got excited and inspired to do this post. I've never spent so much time on adobe photoshop ever, so comment and tell me how i can improve! Anyways, summer vacation is so close now and we get to spend an entire day looking fabulous in wherever you are, as long as its not school. I am in love with floral prints now, but i always like to edge it up and splash a little bit of leather to any outfit i find too sweet. I was browsing on teenvogue.com when i came across these floral jeans from topshop which costs USD$90 which is pretty good for such good prints. Then i thought, why not show you guys how i'd style an outfit with floral prints for the summer.
Night Out
First look:
dress:aryn K / scarf:louis vuitton / clutch:tods / shoe:louise golin for topshop
Second look:
dress:fred flare / shoe:alexander wang / clutch:louis vuitton / accessories:house of harlow

To be honest, i'm more of a stay at home and watch movies kind of girl when its at night, but during the summer holidays, i go all out! Dangerous heels are a must for me at night, and short dresses are perfect too! I like to switch up my accessories, but i'm loving the bohemian touch right now. Florals are still fun to play with at night, but i would give an extra edge with different types of materials to contrast them. An outfit can't be too sweet now can it?

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