Flea Fly Flo

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So I found a way to upload my pictures on blogspot much clearer and bigger, hope you guys like it! When i heard it was the start of the Great Singapore Sale, i decided to begin my journey at a flea market called "FleaFlyFlo". It was amazing how they could pack so many different stalls in one decent hall, including the many people squishing along the racks to maneuver around. Everything there was not above $50, which was pretty good for me. I ended buying a couple of rings, shoes and some other random stuff. Once my cousin and I felt that it was pointless to continue our search among the chaotic scene, we went over to the nearest mall to chill. I'd say it was a pretty good weekend for me!

Top:forever 21
skirt:zara TRF
button up shirt:forever 21
bag:random hongkong store
shoe: schu

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  1. Heyyy Gurl! It's Bobo from BoboBaroque.blogspot.com!

    Chelsey told me about your blog! Good stuff you got goin on!

    Anyways thks for reading the blog! We should totally catch up sometime soon!