THE CITY - Friends and Foe Workers

After watching this episode of The City, I think it would be great to emphasize on how important this show would be as an encyclopedia for those who want to channel their career path towards the fashion industry. Both Whitney and Olivia are involved in fashion, but one is in Public Relations/Designer, and the other is an Accessory Director at Elle magazine. In this episode, all of the girls get to go to Miami Fashion week, where they were given important tasks. Whitney and Roxy were suppose to help out in a fashion show, and Olivia was supposed to check out on the season's accessories. However, this week none of the girls succeeded, except for Erin whose job was to host the Elle afterparty. Here is a list of things I had learn from this episode:

-never forget your pen and paper during a meeting (Roxy)
-never work with your friends in the same company (Roxy and Whitney)
-never sabotage your co-worker (Erin)
-never fight when you are at the backstage of a fashion show (Roxy and Whitney)
-never not go to the trade shows (Olivia)
-never not listen to your boss (Erin)
-never order room service when you are on a business trip (Roxy)
-never comment on your boss when she is still in the room (Roxy)

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