Halloween for Celebs

Ashley Greene
Tyra Banks (as Kim Kardashian)
Heidi Klum (as hindi god)
Paris Hilton (as police cop)
Kim Kardashian

Halloween is officially over, and i found these cool outfits celebs wore on halloween. I find Heidi Klum super scary with her costume, and she even admits she love halloween so much that she would get outrageous outfits just for halloween. A foreign magazine also claims that after she wore that particular outfit last year, many hindus were very upset with her, and asked her for an apology. Tyra Banks is a halloween freak as well, and she loves to dress up as other celebrities (She once dressed up as Paris Hilton). Also, Paris Hilton admitted that she loved to dress up for Halloween so much that she would have up to 5 custom made costumes for her this year, including the Dorothy from the Wizards of Oz outfit she wore to the Jimmy Kimmel show recently (Jimmy Kimmel dressed up as Big Bird from the Sesame Street). What did you guys dressed up as?

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