GOSSIP GIRL - They shoot Humphreys, don't they

This week's episode of Gossip Girl shows us a little bit of idea to how to dress in a cotillion ball, even though we don't normally go to these events in the year 2009. In the beginning of the episode, I fell in love with Jenny's outfit. There was essences of rock and glam, and it was casual but amazingly gorgeous for a day outfit in NYC. Serena's calm and cool outfit during a job interview with Trip was also very laid back and looked comfortable, which shows us an alternative to what to wear during a job interview. In the cotillion ball, I love Jenny's ensemble, especially her cute gloves (which i couldn't find anywhere). I can say that this episode is much better than the previous one just because Jenny was more present, and next episode has Lady Gaga in it! Can't wait!

picture source:www.cwtv.com

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