Birthday Wishlist

As some of you guys know, my birthday is coming up, and its weird that I'm not very excited about it, even though its my sweet sixteenth. Anyways, these are some of the items I wish my mom and dad would get me for my birthday, but i wouldn't get my hopes up too high!

Vera Wang - Rock Princess
Honestly i haven't seen this one around yet, maybe thats because i only shop for perfumes in the duty free stores in the airports. And another confession: i just love the bottle. Its so sweet and fun at the same time!

Juicy Couture Laptop bag
I neeeed to change my laptop bag! And I'm obsessed with Juicy Couture's designs! Its so cute and comfortable to hold, and i love the color and the pattern!

M.A.C cosmetic box
Okay I'm probably not going to get this one, because its really expensive, hard to find and my mom would nag about me not needing it because I'm not a professional. But it looks so cool who could resist?

Choker necklace
This one i need. I can never find it even when i try to search through vintage stores. I'm sure it doesn't cost much, but i can never get my hands on it!

Chanel wallet
Once again, my mango wallet needs to step down. I'm turning sixteen for goodness sake! And this looks really classic and it should be worth paying for. I feel that every girl should have a Chanel item (Mom if you're reading this, i know i have a Chanel bag but i need more!). This could probably last me through high school and my first few years in college until i get a job!

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  1. Ok you know me and I'm not that fashion savvy,
    But I think you should get either the Chanel wallet, Juicy Couture laptop bag, or possibly the choker.

    LOL, I can't help being the only who comments, but dude your blog rocks. ;3