THE CITY - If you want something done right

This episode of The City seemed more beneficial to most of us than the previous episode which focused on boys. This time we saw Whitney struggling in promoting her new clothing line, Roxy as the barrier to making things better than what it could've been, Olivia running around to get clothes for the Today Show segment, and Erin getting pissed and upset with her- again. I enjoyed watching how a photo shoot for a look book was actually like, and how much better than Olivia we could've done in just picking out outfits that were more than enough for Erin to be pleased. I was not surprised that Roxy offered suggestions once again, and i know from this episode we have learnt that:

-never get carried away in photo shoots
-never offer ridiculous suggestions to your boss at a photo shoot
-never feel satisfied with your job when your boss isn't happy with you
-never suggest your boss to have an open mind
-never keep quiet to your co worker when both of you are pulling out outfits

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