Fashion at work

At the work place, its best to wear according to your status, or age. Here are some examples of what to wear.

-Editor in Chief
-basically the boss

This look is totally professional and chic. A tailored suit is extremely appropriate in the office, and for running around the city in a hurry to get a cab. Olivia Palermo topped the look with the classic Hermes Birkin bag, to polish the sharp office look. This look may not be cheap, but it would be worth it considering the pay you are getting, so it really describes your status and you salary in a way.


Starting your career, especially if you're in the fashion field, you must always feel comfortable and fashionable. Your hair must also be neat at all times, and a cardigan is best when you're finishing up with the copying machine in the office, or when you're running around in the city getting a bunch of skirts from calvin klein, and 5 extra hot starbucks coffee for your boss. Its best to not wear heels in this job, but you can always keep your outfit cool and chic with flats and stockings.

-Public relations
-Human resource
-someone who is constantly in the office

What speaks 'office' more than a blazer? This could also be an intern look, but from the outfit, you can tell its much more expensive than the previous look. This is the look that other children would look at and wish it was them, that they could look like that on a daily basis. Personally i absolutely love the Fashion Toast blogger, and her sense of style is absolutely wearable but high fashion.

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