Paris. Do i really need to say more about this city? Not only the food is heavenly, it is also the most important city in the world of fashion. I don't believe that one would go there too many times, because the view is simply breathtaking and all the branded items are cheaper there too. I always imagined myself in this town, maybe even living and working there. After watching movies like Julie & Julia and The Devil wears Prada, it makes people want to go there even more. Here is a list of things you must do when visiting Paris.

-visit the eiffel tower before sun down, and wait until the lights come out
-visit Coco Chanel's apartment which is above the first Chanel boutique
-shopping would be best around June/July season
-macaroons are the best
-fine dining (expensive but totally worth it)
-wine tasting
and many more.

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