Holiday Gift ideas

This holiday, its definitely about giving not receiving, and as much as "its the thought that counts", there is always that point when you sit down and think about what suitable gift to give. Here are some ideas that i think could be appropriate for the following budgets.

For Her
Swarovski Brooches - US$80

If you have a higher budget, this gift is definitely enough to mesmerize them. Crystals, diamonds and all sparkly things are every girl's best friend, and understanding that would already score you points!
Scented candle - US$30

An alternative to perfumes are scented candles. It smells good, gives a great calming feeling which is highly demanded during this season holiday. Not too expensive, but it seemed like the perfect christmas gift already!
Statement necklace - US$8

Cheap and beautiful, statement necklaces would be another great gift. Being one of falls hottest trend, you can take advantage and spend just enough to impress them!

For Him

iPig iPod speaker - US$90

Super cute and adorable, this gift would definitely please. It also comes in several colors, and many different animals too. With a bigger budget, getting this would be totally worth it.
David Beckham Signature - US$55

Thinking of a gift for a guy is never easy, but we always end up in the perfume section in the department stores. The second question then would be, what perfume? Sniffing each perfume in the shelves would be ridiculous, but trust me David Beckham's Signature perfume is really good. Just enough for your tight budget as well!

Dog tags - US$30
website unavailable

Dogs are man's best friend, but did you know that they like dog merchandise too? I would never understand why they liked dog tags, but its still a great gift considering the budget. Next thing you know they'll be eating dog food!


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